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Nebulizer Machine
This comfortable and cost-effective Nebulizer is especially designed for the treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc. It enables medication to be deposited in huge quantities in the lungs to provide higher efficacy.
Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor is widely used for measuring blood pressure. It has an inflatable cuff which performs the task. This equipment is easy to use, rugged in construction, tough in strength etc.
Hot Water Bags
Hot Water Bags are formulated for providing relief from back aches, joint pains, muscle pull etc. These are filled with hot water and work by being placed on the affected area.
Thermometer is available with - 3-digit, + C ( F) display along with 0.1 degree increment. The measurement range of the device is - 32.0 C to 42.0 C (89.6 to 107.6 F).
Medical Stethoscope
Medical Stethoscope is an equipment which enables the doctor to listen internal sounds of the human body such as heart beat, intestine & lung sound. It is acclaimed for its excellent performance.
Hospital Air Mattress
Hospital air mattresses are made from PVC of medical grade. These consume less electricity and are durable in nature. Further, these are perfect for bedsore patients. They are very comfortable and have adjustable hangers.

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